Exclusive to St Paul’s Collegiate School, Hamilton, Tihoi Venture School is a unique 18-week programme for year 10 boys removing them from technology and connecting them with the outdoors. The programme combines academics, outdoor and social activities to give our young men confidence, build their resilience and develop their independence giving them a valuable head start into their senior years.

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Reflections on Tihoi

Below are extracts of personal encounters and thoughts of the young men who have one last challenge before completing their Tihoi experience. This challenge is to spend time in the bush – alone – for 44 hours reflecting on their progress and preparing goals for the future.

  • Blair Foster 14 years old

    “Wow! What can I say? Tihoi has been the best experience I have had in my life. I have tried so many different things, learnt so much and had an awesome time doing it.

    “With the intense workload at Tihoi I have been forced to work harder than ever to achieve my goals. Tihoi has made me responsible for my own actions, responsible for what I do with my time and responsible for a group of my friends when I am put in a leadership position. I know these skills will help me later in life when I leave home and I am totally self-reliant.”

    Blair Foster Blair Foster
  • Seb Day 14 years old

    “I have found myself doing things at home that I wouldn’t have imagined doing before Tihoi- such as cleaning things after using them and doing things without being asked.

    “Throughout the activities at Tihoi I have put myself in places I didn’t want to be put in. I took myself outside my comfort zone and went underground into tight spots that made me want to give up. But I never did. Tihoi has given me the courage to do things I had never done before. This place has taught me to never give up.”

    Seb Day Seb Day
  • Andre Ofsoski 14 years old

    “I don’t think Tihoi is about learning to survive or get fit, it’s more about leaning to appreciate what you’ve got. The world is so big and everything is taken for granted …I do thank Tihoi and the staff here at Tihoi for helping me see, not only the natural beauty of New Zealand, but the world in a new perspective. I will remember the things you taught me forever.”

    Andre Ofsoski Andre Ofsoski
  • Jack Oliver 14 years old

    “When I compare myself to just before I came to Tihoi and now when my time here is almost over, I think the biggest change in me has been that I am not as shy. I am definitely more outgoing and open to new challenges now. This has been because of having to live with 7 other boys in a house and participating in the outdoor adventure weekends over the past 18 weeks. I can’t imagine that I would ever have done white water kayaking or sailing without having gone to Tihoi.”

    Jack Oliver Jack Oliver
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